Friday, August 15, 2008


I am on pins and needles and thoughts are running through my head at a dizzying speed. For twelve weeks we've been riding now and the journey has finally come to its end. I have taken in so much between San Francisco and Boston that it will probably take me quite a while to process it. On Sunday night, I fly back to Chicago to spend time with some friends there (who are like family to me) and then I go home to Texas. I am super excited, as I haven't been home since last year. Earlier in the trip, I stated that I wanted to be more excited about my relationship with Christ by the end of the trip and I am excited. I am glad that there are men and women across the country doing what God wants them to do, i am glad that people are sharing with other people. No, we do not hear much of this, or see a lot of this without looking really hard and I suppose that this is the way Christ wanted it. I believe that if the God thing was so easy and popular, people would forget about it all too quickly. This trip is definitely something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I just think that there is so much to process right now, I am a little mentally paralyzed.

And there is one person that I was hoping to have the chance to tell about it, but I won't. This past Sunday, one of my best friends in the world, LaDerrius Christian, was killed back home and it has been hard to come to terms with. We were friends since 8th grade and the one thing I will remember the most is his sense of humor and how we would walk back from football practice "freestyling" and singing rap lyrics. I will surely miss him.



Shynebebe said...

I feel you...and I'm sorry for your loss of LaDerrius as a friend. I'm his cousin Liana. I was just looking around to see if more articles were posted and I happened across this...It's nice to know some of the other people in his "family" (I know family extends far beyond genetics and marriage) who miss him just the same. God bless...

Julia Styles Hastie said...

Marcus, I am sorry about your friend.

I am glad you get to see your family. I know you have a lot to share with them. You have done a brave thing, riding cross country and sharing about your faith.

Power and Love.


Swedish Colombian said...

Marcus, A lot of people have been praying for you as all of you have been on the trip. Know now that you and LaDerrius's family and friends will be lifted up in prayer now. Saying we're sorry is so little at such times, yet that is what we have to say... so, so sorry. God give you peace and comfort,