Saturday, August 2, 2008

"I thought that I saw you in the oncoming cars"

I have not blogged a lot, I realize that.  When riding, my remarks and conversation are usually limited to bursts of irritation at the state which we are riding through, or the map.  I try to call on all my patience to be fair and strong.  

I think a lot about what I have learned this summer.  Sometimes I try hard to search for a life lesson.  I have learned to have faith to pray.  It is not easy for me to pray.  I want so hard for every word to be sincere.  But I'm learning to pray in faith for impossible things.  In faith I pray uncommon prayers; I am told He answers prayer.  People are always telling me that this journey will change my life, that I will look back on it as a blessed time of my life.  

But I'm just looking for God.  I'm looking for evidence of His love in the people we meet.  


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Lisa said...

While all of you spend this summer looking for God in new people and places, know that you are the evidence of God's love and even his existence to the people you meet. Your faith and courage simply in taking this summer to ride across the country speaks of God's presence in you.