Wednesday, May 28, 2008

from Davis, CA

We're all sitting in the shade at a beautiful park in Davis, California. I have just given up on importing pictures from my camera; I simply lack the technology savvy to do so! It feels good to rest, although our ride today was easier than yesterday, both physically and emotionally.

For those of you who know me and my distaste of lizards, you would be proud of me. Yesterday, as we changed our seventh (yes, that's right: SEVENTH!) flat tire, I took a potty break in a roadside ditch (behind lots of weeds) that I shared with a lizard. For the group, the seven flat tires were trying, but we learned a lot about our bikes and are rapidly improving our tire-change time. Hopefully we'll qualify to work for Tour de France riders after this summer.

Also yesterday, we shared in Antioch Covenant Church's Youth Group night. We had a good conversation about justice, and we continue to learn about what "Justice" means to each of us, and what it might mean for the team. It is a struggle to seek this desire of God's heart. Pray for us as we continue to learn across the country. And leave your thoughts about Justice here, too, if you have any. We welcome any addition to this process.

Today we rode across beautiful countryside, without any maintenance troubles, Thank God! Tonight, we potluck with a group from University Covenant Church here in Davis. Tomorrow: Sacramento!


pics added by matt:


Danny Bruggeman said...

You all are awesome! I want to see you in Nebraska if I can. This trip is going to do amazing things for lots of people.

May you ride at God's Speed.

I will be praying


Benjamin said...

Man... i am so damn jealous. How are those surlys holding up?

sarah th said...

Woot woot! Nice pictures by the way!

Elliot said...

SEVEN flat tires??? Oh my...

Praying for you!

T├Ánu said...

Hi bikers! I am a friend of Emily's from Minneapolis. I admire you all for taking on such an enduring ride!

Excuse me for giving advice, but by the looks of it the Bob trailer on the picture could use a smoother tire. It looks like it is a 20" diameter wheel. Tires for that should be readily available. Pulling that Bob trailer would be much easier then.

Best of luck, and keep us all posted!

Cameron Silver said...

Amazing pictures .. You guys are making me envious!

And *7* flat tyres? There's something biblical about that right there :)

Pedal hard..

Amanda Munroe said...

Emily - Did you cut all you hair off? I'm loving it! Good to see you've finally joined the group :)

Elle Sandquist said...

Aww man I love those windmills!