Monday, May 26, 2008

Round Table Pizza, and Decoto Rd.

Here we sit in a Round Table Pizza restaurant in Fremont, CA, having left Redwood City earlier this afternoon.

We'd really like to thank all the people of Peninsula Covenant who gave us a very gracious send-off yesterday!

We're excited that we're finally on the road, all packed up and on our way. Much thanks to Tim, Kathy, Elle, Sam, and Hannah Sandquist for being amazing hosts. We never would have gotten our bikes ready and off on this journey without your help.

And thanks to Ron Dahlin as well, who got us off on the right foot with our first day from Ocean Beach and plotted out our route for the next few days.

And we can't forget our amazing advisor, Rich Johnson, who is sacrificing so much of his time and energy this summer to make this possible.

Please continue to pray for our strength and endurance - we're gonna be hitting the Sierras later this week.



Dan said...

I am so freaking proud of all of you.

Ron Dahlin said...

Thanks for letting George & I ride with you. It was a priviledge being part of your adventure!
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help from California!
God bless you as you ride!
Ride Safe!!!

Taylor said...

woot woot. I'm thinking about you guys everyday. Keep it up!

sarah th said...

You guys are amazing!

rewing said...

i'll be praying. maybe i'll get to see you while you're in OH. . . (Becca E)

oh, and i'm proud too.

Amanda Munroe said...

When do the pictures come?

Dylan said...


Good luck to you and your fellow riders and have a safe trip. I will be following your progress.


Kutitap said...

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