Friday, May 30, 2008


We have had some interesting discussion thus far. I think we have discussed abortion, poverty, the environment, and race a few times so far. Actually, the group discussion between the six of us tends to be one of the most thought-provoking parts of our day.

I tend to look for subtle things during our interactions with different people. Sometimes I find that what is said at the dinner table doesn't match up with some of the off-hand comments I hear sometimes. I think as Christians in this society, we tend to be very loose and careless sometimes about how we use words. We use a lot of divisive, agenda-setting, and diminishing terms to describe difference. Since when did some of the following words become synonymous and start meaning the same thing?:

ethnic=minority=person of color
presence of non-whites=diversity
social justice=liberal=radical Christianity
ghetto=black/african-american community


chauck12 said...

You should hire a stenographer (who bikes, obviously), so that we can see transcripts of your future conversations.

You folks=jawesome

Benjamin said...

I still think you guys should talk about your bikes a little; as in, how they are holding up, and any comments or criticisms about said bikes.

Shannon said...

That's a good question Marcus. A good conversation to have.

Although your bodies are tired, I know your hearts are strong!

Em said...

Hey I am a part of a cross country bike team that will be going from OR to TN(so, it's not quite all the way across) that is raising advocacy for Blood:Water Mission. Could someone send me your itinerary, so I can see if we might cross paths??? It's called Wheels for Wells and it's a group from Simpson University in CA. Email me if possible at

Isak Nilsson said...

As I told Emily before, you guys are my heroes. You are out on a great adventure and you are doing it for a great cause. I am sure our Lord in heaven is very proud of you. Keep up the good work and remember that a lot of people are following you in thought and prayer. I am sad that I did not get to see you in San Francisco (I left the morning you guys came) but hopefully I will see you guys when I come visit NP in the future. Have a great summer and keep biking for the Lord and his children in Africa.
/Isak the Swede

db said...

hmmm...very insightful ponderings, marcus. Hopefully you are able to engage folks in further discussions to help them broaden their understanding (or misunderstanding) of those terms. Glad you're on the team! Praying for you all...

rayshauna. said...

mucho props on the post, marcus. a lot of people are too ashamed to admit that "ethnic" is code for "secondary" or "different/exotic". i hear you knocking. stay encouraged guys. i'll see you in massachusetts!