Friday, May 30, 2008

Today we're in Placerville, California at the foot of the Sierra Mountains. Some of us are pretty sore and beat down in our bodies. It's only day FIVE? It wasn't an easy day but we're coming along. We had our picture taken in Folsom this afternoon, it was nice. So many people were asking us about the trip. It does me good to see people excited for us and to know that we are in their minds and hearts at one time or another. It makes a trip like this credible.


Ron D said...

Good job Guys! I guess the fun starts tomorrow. Samuel says it will get better as you get in shape. Ride safe and use those toe clips!!

Stephanie said...

Hi guys! I just wanted to send a shout-out to you all. Aaron and I are very excited for your adventure, as its begun and is unfolding, and are proud of you!

You're in our thoughts and prayers and we find ourselves sitting here at home just a wee bit jealous of this crazy thing you're doing.

Aaron sends his sympathies about the flat tires- he's had two this past week himself :)

Be blessed!
Stephanie & Aaron VanRheen