Sunday, July 20, 2008

Been Such A Long Time...

I would like to thank the kind community of Aurora's covenant church, who fed us and had a wonderful discussion w/ us. I especially appreciate Laurie and Mr and Mrs Seaman who urged me share my story w/ the women at the meeting. It was very uplifting and affirming to know that people were interested not just in the fact that I was biking for a good cause, but that I was someone w/ their own story. The details of my past play a huge role in why I am doing this.

I guess you get so used to people's eyes glazing over and people giving plastic answers and reactions, that when someone comes along and extends genuine love and kindness, you want to run or you're just confused. You forget that you can matter to a perfect stranger sometimes. "Been such a long time, I forgot that I was fine..."

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