Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tonight we're staying in the Free Church in Tomah, Wisconsin. A regular pit stop on the drive from my home in Minneapolis to Chicago, it is strange to ride through on a bicycle. After a wonderful and relaxing weekend at home, visiting with many people whom I love and miss, Wisconsin has been a bittersweet part of the journey for me. I got to ride along Highway 35, which I did on my first bike trip, and revisit many adorably quaint towns. Now I've gotten bored with familiar landscapes, and frustrated by the temperamental weather we've encountered: thunder in the distance, rain falling from sunny skies, and headwinds. This weekend, I'll get to see some family in Milwaukee, and we'll visit Chicagoland, a welcome resting place for many of us!
Thanks for all your support, everyone! It was so good to see so many friends in Minneapolis this past weekend!

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