Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Church homes

In addition to camping and our house in Duchesne, UT, we've been staying in a lot of churches along the way. We've gotten into the habit of finding a church in a destination town, calling one and asking to spend the night in the building. So far, we have not been turned down. Recently, there seems to be a surge in the house-church movement in U.S. Protestantism. Our experiences of temporary homes in churches across these three states so far causes me to wonder: why aren't more chuches homes? The opportunity for a church to also be a home seems even more important than the opportunity for a home to also be a church.


London said...

It's hard to program "home." And it seems like the more intimate you become with people the harder it is to get them to do what you want. Maybe keeping "church" in church is our way of keeping things under control.

Anonymous said...

I just think about all of that extra square footage in a church building that goes untouched all week... you could fit a lot of sleeping bodies on those floors.

But then I look at my own living room as well...