Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A little fun .

Aight People! We're almost to Colorado and since I usually blog about physical and mental pains that come from riding so much, I'm going to try something fun. I have decided to try double bacon cheeseburgers everywhere we stop. (Don't worry mom, when you bike this much, you can pretty much eat anything and you kind of have to for the calories and the salt intake.) I am also going to see how long it takes me to get sick of grape powerade. So far the absolute best burger came at Bones Bar and Grub Grill in California. Second place goes to Major Station in Nevada, I think that's where it is. There is no third place yet.

-I have two new muscles just above my knee!
-I shaved and washed my hair finally!
-Black people DO in fact get sunburned, if you know me and you've seen the picture Matt posted of me . . . . (I like my winter shade of African-American best. lol.)
-Pizza at Noon in 90 degree weather does NOT work!
-Gophers can whistle like birds.
-Horses and sheep are afraid of bicyclists.
-Our team has fully incorporated the Obama fist bump, (or the "terrorist fist jab" as FOX news calls it)
-I finally body-slammed Matt. Eric is next.
-Erykah Badu's "Soldier," Christa Black's "California Sunshine" and the COGIC anthem "Hallelujah" is good for climbing long mountains. But the best riding song for me so far: "KNock on Wood" by Eddie Floyd!

Gotta go bike now! I'll have more relevant things to blog about when we start meeting with churches again in a week or so!


Anonymous said...

Hope things are going well! You're in my prayers!! I want to hear all about this trip in the fall when we are back at school!
Stay safe.

Sarah said...

I love Erykah Badu! And yes bp do get sun burned(smile).
Safe trip and see you all in August i guess.

Shannon said...

I saw Stanley Kubrick's The Shining last night. Have you guys ever seen it? I know...pretty freaky. I didn't know what it was all about before, I'd only seen a couple scene snippets but I'd say it was well done. Anyway, the movie takes place in Colorado so I don't think you should stay at any secluded hotels way up in the mountains...especially...during winter! Haha.

In other news, I hope the summer sun is treating you all alright. Are you wearing lots of sunblock?! Oh and Marcus, all your shades of African American are beautiful. You're crazy.

Peace be with you biker babes!

Carol said...

Hey, Marcus--how do you know you have 2 new muscles? 2 new places hurt?

Keep those bacon burgers coming, but try for some fish or something like that occasionally . . . protein. OK, I'll stop being another mom.

Pray with Tierra and her family as you ride along, OK? Her aunt went into the hospital again just a couple of days before Tierra went home, and her condition was pretty serious. She perked up when Tierra got there--Tierra called it a miracle--but the family are needing comfort.

Thanks for your blogs--they're always fun to read. I've finally signed up for an account, if they'll take my blog this time. If not, you'll have to put up with e-mails instead, then teach me the right way to do it when you get back.

I'd better close up--we're due for a thunderstorm in a few moments. Carol

Julia Styles said...


I'm thinking of you back at North Park. Know that people are routing for you and the whole team. I am glad no one was seriously hurt from the bike crash. Stay safe.


fantastic said...

I am trying once more to leave a comment. I am enjoying biking across the country vicariously by way of your blogs. It takes faith, strength, and courage to participate in this bold venture, but you are proving to be up to the task as you take on all challenges and obstacles. So keep the faith, be careful, and keep your crazy sense of humor.
Your dad is going to try to call you tomorrow.

love you,