Monday, June 16, 2008

Colorado, here we come!

We're taking a post-lunch nap under a tree here in Roosevelt, UT. Tomorrow afternoon we should be crossing into Colorado! The people of Utah have been really good to us. It's a beautiful state and we've had a lot of great experiences here but I think we're ready for the challenge ahead of us. We took the day off yesterday to rest in Duchesne where we rented a 3 bedroom house for two nights for cheaper than the local hotel! Ok, so it was a bit of a fixer-upper on the outside, but they inside was nice (nice-ish) and it felt good to have a home for 36 hours or so.

Pray that we get through all the Colorado climbing. We're a bit behind schedule, but we're planning on being in Fort Collins on Saturday night! Here's some pics of the last few weeks:

A desolate day on US-50 through Nevada

We did a lot of climbing in Nevada, somtimes 4 passes in one day.

It was really beautiful though.

Biker gangs.

Our camping spot just after Daniel's Summit near Heber City, UT

Helmet lines in the hair! Always funny.

We laugh a lot.

Our most recent abode. It needed some yard work.

But we made ourselves comfortable.

And it was a much needed rest day.



Alanna said...

Great job, team!! It's so awesome to think that you're already moving on to your fourth state. And thank you for posting all these pictures.. it helps to see your smiles, laughter, and energy as well as the amazing scenery. I hope you continue to feel the power of all the prayers being lifted up your way!

Andie said...

I look forward to reading your posts when you are able to get them up. Thanks for these pictures; it's helps to keep your faces before me when I pray for you all. I'm so proud of how well you all had done; I can't even imagine going 100 miles on my bike, much setting out on such a journey.

May God go before you and make a perfect path for you as you follow his will.

God bless you all!

EkulPeterson said...

Dylan! You're looking good! keep not shaving. the wolfpack misses you for sure. i like the sunglasses. you look very very athletic. i'm hoping to see more pictures from the trip guys.


Caroline Younts said...

Miss you! Will you still be here in July?