Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Unexpected Rest Day

Yesterday was a scary day. We were riding out of Poudre Canyon towards Fort Collins when we were met with some serious setbacks. The turns were sharp, and though the roads were good, the shoulders dropped off at points onto some nasty gravel. I came around a corner to see Emily's bike and trailer turned upside down. She was wedged underneath the guardrail, her right shoulder pinned between that and a rock. I was terrified because I did not see her move for a moment. We all jumped off our bikes, Matt sustaining some nasty scrapes in the process. We managed to stop some traffic and get transportation for her and Matt to the hospital. There was no cell phone reception for 30 miles. Even the radios in the department of transportation vehicles were not working. One of the men who stopped (Kevin) was a trainer and helped us stabilize Emily's arm and look her over to make sure we could move her.
Matt and Emily made it to the hospital and got taped up with a ton of gauze and a proper sling. Nothing was broken or seriously damaged.
The four of us that were left in the canyon biked the 40 miles to Fort Collins and made it there just in time for Emily's release. We were thankful that Rich was still in town. He helped us move our bikes around town and we spent the afternoon with him before we went to the bike shop to have the damage assessed and then headed to Matt's uncle's house for some rest time.
Those are the scant details of our misadventure. What cannot be noted sufficiently is our panic, relief, and sincere thankfulness for those who stopped, for those that helped, and for those that prayed and will continue to pray for us as we continue on our journey. We hope to be on the road in the morning.

We are not yet daunted.
We will continue.
The Lord is good.



Rachael said...

amen, kids.
please be careful.

Dan said...