Thursday, June 12, 2008

Worst day yet for me.

The last 24 hours or so have been rough! At the end of Tuesday, we battled winds that had to be at least 40 miles an hours while treking through the lonely desert. I was literally blown off my bike at least 4 times. Since then I have had 5 flats and at one point the air pump broke. My rear derailer is non-functional and my front wheel is warped. At one point yesterday, I threw the bike down in the middle of the highway and walked slowly to the middle of a pasture, boiling with anger, and staring up at the clear blue sky. My bike was going so slow that by sunset I still had about 10 miles left. I was freezing and began to get dizzy, and finally fell off my bike. Eric picked me up fed me and gave me his warm clothes. THen he walked the last stretch with me and carried my bike up a hill to the church where we ended up sleeping. I am thankful to Ryan, who we flagged down, for giving me a ride on the back of his truck to an air compressor and also to Cody and Baker, who patched a tube for me and changed flat number four.

When I finally got to the church the team made sure I had food, medicine, and rest. It was really good to get to sit down relax. I couldn't eat much because I thought I was going to vomit again, but I woke up this morning smiling and eating everything in sight. THank God.

I just kept thinking of my big sister, who sang to me over the phone. She sang:,

Press your way through.
Press your way through.
God's got something waiting for you,
if you just press your way through.

Today we are stopping at a bike shop.


Curtis S. said...

Hey Marcus,
God allows us to go through many things in life, many that seem to at time be unbearable. But what we must always remember is that He doesnt take us through, and he doesnt make us go through. He ALLOWS us to go through, and than helps us and gives us every tool to endure the task. The road for you guys has already been paved, (even though it may literally be across the US)it's already there. The thing I like about a road (life) that is already paved (planned and predestined) is that, we never have to wonder if we can make through the next step. remember that he gave us the tools, the authority, and the support to succeed in every task.

I continue to pray for each one of you. And of you need anything (ANYTHING)again do not hesitate to ask.

"if you want to go fast,... go alone,

but if you want to go far, ... go strong, together, as one"

With much love, your brother
Curtis S

Jim Thill said...

If you are getting five flats in one day, I suspect you aren't adequately removing the original cause of the flat. If a thorn or glass or strand of wire embedded in your tire is not removed, it will continue to poke new holes in your tube every time.

Erik C said...

Ditto what Jim Thill said. Check the inside and outside of the tire itself for foreign objects. Hope things have gotten better!



Alison said...

Hey Marcus,

Hang in there!!! We're thinking of you often and sending the entire team lots of prayers and support.