Saturday, June 7, 2008

This country is incredibly big.

We spent the night last night in Eureka, NV after a 72 mile ride from Austin. It's been about four days now where everything looks so similar. We'll pass through a mountain pass and then slip down into a huge valley where you can just see for 20-30 miles across to the other side where our next mountain pass rises up. It's beautiful but getting very exhausting. It pretty much looks like this all the time:

There's always another mountain range just around the corner. There's always another climb at the end of each valley. And I guess my point is just that it's exhausting and that we're ready for a change of scenery. Alas, we have at least 3-4 more days in Nevada and then we're into Utah, which will probably be pretty similar.

I miss my family and a sense of home and relaxation. I miss flat land (God bless the midwest).

Well, time to hit the road.



Anonymous said...

God Bless the midwest is right!!!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys, we're all rooting for you! I am genuinely sad that I'll never be able to do something that spectacular.

Anonymous said...

TEXAS is better!