Monday, June 30, 2008

People at work.

Hey everybody! A lot has happened since I last blogged, both within our group and in the world. My sister was thrown from a car, she is okay now. Also, a number of my friends are facing very difficult family situations. I am learning new things and meeting new people everyday. There is an amazing unseen an overlooked community in this country.

People of all creeds and colors have welcomed me into their homes, bought me groceries, given me a warm place to sleep and shower, taken pictures of me to remember who I am and given me shirts! Many people have written notes in my journal and sung me songs and given me new books to read. I've met men and women from age 20 to 70 walking, running, biking, driving, and working across the country to be the hands of feet of Christ. God is moving. People are moving. The Kingdom is growing.

I often find myself laughing at my old "boxed up" definition of God. That would be the one where God's work is programmed and centered around what goes on between the four walls of the sanctuary. I love that too, but I am sure that there is a work to be done everywhere and anywhere. Its great.


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