Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random thoughts Occur.

I'm still amazed that I am riding across the country on a bike. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is really happening. It will become more difficult for me as time goes on I think. All of the other team members will get a chance to see family, friends, church members, and so forth and I will not. I think of my parents and my brothers and sisters everday. Sometimes it's hard, but what I do is put on a headset and start each morning with a little gospel and picture the people I love. Being so far away for college has cost me a lot of time with my closets friends and family. It's just different when they're physically there and you don't have to describe some of your most formative experiences on the phone.

I guess i'm realizing the importance of close relationships. Meeting people on the road and talking about God and justice is so refreshing, I just wish I had taken more time to do that with the people around me before.

Well, I have one more year of college and maybe I can work on that. I realized the other day, that other than God of courese, I don't have that one friend to call every other day and tell him how I just crossed the Sierra mountains. It was painful.

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Scott B said...

Hey guys. Scott Barbeau here...Spark Ventures. Really excited about your trip and have enjoyed the updates. Thanks for including Spark on your journey and supporting our efforts. We have already received contributions from CA...I will keep a record of any donations that come in because of your trip. As you know, this money goes towards helping the children at the School and Orphanage in Zambia and we are very thankful for all your hard work. Excited to see what the next several weeks bring for you all...what a great journey. Safe riding, Scott